relativeattributesTowards Structured Analysis of Broadcast Badminton Videos

People Involved :Anurag Ghosh, Suriya Singh and C. V. Jawahar

Sports video data is recorded for nearly every major tournament but remains archived and inaccessible to large scale data mining and analytics. It can only be viewed sequentially or manually tagged with higher-level labels which is time consuming and prone to errors. In this work, we propose an end-to-end framework for automatic attributes tagging and analysis of sport videos.


Smart-tennisSmartTennisTV: Automatic indexing of tennis videos

People Involved :Anurag Ghosh and C. V. Jawahar

In this paper, we demonstrate a score based indexing approach for tennis videos. Given a broadcast tennis video (BTV), we index all the video segments with their scores to create a navigable and searchable match. Our approach temporally segments the rallies in the video and then recognizes the scores from each of the segments, before refining the scores using the knowledge of the tennis scoring system