A Rich 3D Dataset of Scanned Humans





SHARP-3DHumans dataset provides around 250 meshes of people in diverse body shapes in various garments styles andsizes. We cover a wide variety of clothing styles, ranging from loose robed clothing, like saree (a typical South-Asian dress) to relatively tight fit clothing, like shirt and trousers. The dataset consists of around 150 male and 50 female unique subjects. Total male scans are around 180 and total female scans are around 70. In terms of regional diversity, for the first time, we capture body shape,appearance and clothing styles for South-Asian population. For each 3D mesh, pre-registered SMPL body is also included.



The dataset is collected using Artec3D Eva hand held structured light scanner. The scanner has 3D point accuracy up to 0.1 mm and 3D reso-lution of 0.5 mm, enabling capture of high frequency geometrical details, alogwith high resolution texture maps. The subjects were scanned in a studio environment with controlled lighting and uniform illumination.

Technical Paper

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