List of Projects

city-scalePeeledHuman: Robust Shape Representation for Textured 3D Human Body Reconstruction

People Involved : Sai Sagar Jinka, Rohan Chacko, Avinash Sharma and P.J. Narayanan

We introduce PeeledHuman - a novel shape representation of the human body that is robust to self-occlusions. PeeledHuman encodes the human body

3Dcomputer3D Computer Vision

People Involved : Research Students of Dr. Avinash Sharma

We are interested in computer vision and machine learning with a focus on 3D scene understanding, reconstruction etc. In particular, we deal with problems where human body is reconstructed from 2D images and analysed in 3D, registration of point clouds of indoor scenes captured from commodity sensors as well as large outdoor scenes captured from LIDAR scanners.



BrainSpectral Analysis of Brain Graphs

People Involved :Sriniwas Govinda Surampudi, Joyneel Misra, Raju Bapi Surampudi and Avinash Sharma

Our research objective is to analyze neuroimaging data using graph-spectral techniques in understanding how the static brain anatomical structure gives rise to dynamic functions during rest. We approach the problem by viewing the human brain as a complex graph of cortical regions and the anatomical fibres which connect them. We employ a range of modelling techniques which utilize methods from spectral graph theory, time series analysis, information theory, graph deep learning etc.


3dobjrecognition Projected Texture for 3D Object Recognition

People Involved : Avinash Sharma, Nishant Shobhit

We are solving the problem of 3D object recognition. Instead of recovering the 3D of object we are encoding the depth variation in object with deformation induced in pattern projected on object from certain pose. We proposed some effective features which can effectively characterize deformation of projected pattern for the purpose of recognition.