Please use the following LaTeX template for preparing the camera ready manuscript: Camera Ready LaTeX Template

The proceedings of ICVGIP 2018 will be published by ACM in their ICPS series. To prepare the camera ready file, it is necessary to first submit the ACM eRights form. Once you submit the eRights form, you will receive your doi url, which is to be included in the LaTeX file to prepare the camera ready manuscript. Please follow the following steps to prepare the manuscript:

  • Download the ACM LaTeX template for preparing the camera ready manuscript Camera Ready LaTeX Template
  • The primary authors were sent an e-Rights submission link from ACM. Please access that link, verify you paper details (and make any corrections). Complete and submit the eRights form. Copy the doi url for your paper and update the DOI tag: \acmDOI{} in the LaTeX file. Also note down your ACM Article number from the accepted paper list and update the \acmArticle{} tag.
  • Use the ACM CSS Code Link and select the topics that are relevant to your paper. For each concept that you select, click the Assign This CSS Concept to the left. Once you have selected the concepts, follow the Generate CSS Codes: view CCS TeX code links to generate the XML code corresponding to the topics you have selected. Copy and paste this XML to replace the current CCSXML and ccsdesc entries towards the end of your tex file.
  • Once you have created the camera ready version (Please check that you have updated the title, authors, affiliation and short authors tags in your paper and compile to generate the final camera ready [pdf] manusript.


All camera ready manuscripts are be submitted by 30th November through the CMT portal used for paper submission. Before you submit, please ensure that the Title and List of Authors in your camera ready manuscript and CMT portal are identical to that in the ACM eRights form.