• We aim to ensure that the participants benefit the most from the experience of attending the summer school. Hence, it is essential that participants take part in the entirety of the event. We encourage participants to attend, interact with speakers, and other participants, and most importantly learn.
  • Organisers will try providing an offline watching experience for special cases when participants are unable to attend a session. Note that watching offline videos is not the expected mode of attending.
  • This is a summer school primarily aimed at research students or students keen on doing research. Extra effort is expected from people who lack foundations or practice. This, in no sense, is a course for beginners.


  • A certificate of participation will be issued on request. In the past, we had seen some participants ask for this.
  • The participant is required to have a minimum attendance of 65% to be eligible for receiving the Certificate of Participation, and also for any award later.
  • Requests for certificates from participants who do not have the minimum required attendance will not be entertained.