1) Possibility of usage of IDD labels in DA.
Only the labels related to DA challenge can be used. E.g. For unsupervised DA, IDD labels cannot be used but IDD training images can be used. You can use the complete training dataset for supervised DA. (Instructions page updated accordingly)

2) Can multiple teams from same college participate.

3) Is there any rule for the team to be formed?

4) For DA, can we modify source datasets to fit our model?
Yes, make sure that you only use the samples we have allowed.

5) Could I use pseudo label method in unsupervised domain adaptation?
You can use any method. Use of any dataset outside permitted samples and labels is not allowed.

6) Procedure to register the team.
We have added an option to enter the team member's name (comma separated) . The team should consist of not more than 4 members.

7) Meaning of affiliation
Its your academic institution or organization.