Real-Time Video Processing for Dynamic Content Creation

Sudheer Achary


Autonomous camera systems are vital in capturing dynamic events and creating engaging videos. However, existing filtering techniques used to stabilize and smoothen camera trajectories often fail to replicate the natural behavior of human camera operators. To address these challenges, our work proposes novel approaches for real-time camera trajectory optimization and gaze-guided video editing. We introduce two online filtering methods: CineConvex and CineCNN. CineConvex utilizes a sliding window-based convex optimization formulation, while CineCNN employs a convolutional neural network as an encoder-decoder model. Both methods are motivated by cinematographic principles, producing smooth and natural camera trajectories. Evaluation of basketball and stage performance datasets demonstrates superior performance over previous methods and baselines, both quantitatively and qualitatively. With a minor latency of half a second, CineConvex operates at approximately 250 frames per second (fps), while CineCNN achieves an impressive speed of 1000 fps, making them highly suitable for real-time applications. In the realm of video editing, we present Real Time GAZED, a real-time adaptation of the GAZED framework. It enables users to create professionally edited videos in real-time. Comparative evaluations against baseline methods, including the non-real-time GAZED, demonstrate that Real Time GAZED achieves similar editing results, ensuring high-quality video output. Furthermore, a user study confirms the aesthetic quality of the video edits produced by Real Time GAZED. With the advancements in real-time camera trajectory optimization and video editing presented, the demand for immediate and dynamic content creation in industries such as live broadcasting, sports coverage, news reporting, and social media content creation can be met more efficiently. The elimination of time-consuming post-production processes and the ability to deliver high-quality videos in today’s fast-paced digital landscape are the key advantages offered by these real-time approaches

Year of completion:  November 2023
 Advisor : Vineet Gandhi

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