Example Codes for Shader Model 4.0 (OpenGL 2.1, GLSL 1.20)

Simple Geometry Shader
Simple Transform Feedback
Simple Layered Rendering
Motion Blur with Layered Rendering
Bicubic Patch Subdivision with Geometry Shader
Rendering Geometry Images with Geometry Shader

Data Sets

Power Plant Model with 8 levels of hierarchy (OSG)
Download [PLY] [IVE]

IIIT-H Word Recognition Dataset (Telugu)
[Code] [Readme] [Dataset]

Currency Recognition on Mobile Phones
[Paper] [Poster] [Dataset (1.2GB)] [Code] [Android app : SeeTheMoney Beta] [Project Page]

European Monument

DAIR Dataset


CUDA Cuts [Code] [Readme] [Paper]

SVD on GPU using CUDA [Code] [Readme] [Paper]

Bzip2 on CPU and GPU [Code] [Readme] [Datasets] [Paper]


De-identification for Privacy Protection in Surveillance Videos
[Video] [Datasets] [License]