Summarizing Day Long Egocentric Videos

Anuj Rathore


The popularity of egocentric cameras and their always-on nature has lead to the abundance of daylong first-person videos. Because of the extreme shake and highly redundant nature, these videos are difficult to watch from beginning to end and often require summarization tools for their efficient consumption. However, traditional summarization techniques developed for static surveillance videos, or highly curated sports videos and movies are, either, not suitable or simply do not scale for such hours long videos in the wild. On the other hand, specialized summarization techniques developed for egocentric videos limit their focus to important objects and people. In this work, we present a novel unsupervised reinforcement learning technique to generate video summaries from day long egocentric videos. Our approach can be adapted to generate summaries of various lengths making it possible to view even one minute summaries of one’s entire day. The technique can also be adapted to various rewards, such as distinctiveness, indicativeness of the summary. When using the facial saliency-based reward, we show that our approach generates summaries focusing on social interactions, similar to the current state of the art. Quantitative comparison on the benchmark Disney dataset shows that our method achieves significant improvement in Relaxed F-Score (RFS) (32.56 vs. 19.21) and BLEU score (12.12 vs. 10.64). Finally, we show that our technique can be applied for summarizing traditional, short, hand-held videos as well, where we improve the state of the art F-score on benchmark SumMe and TVSum datasets from 41.4 to 45.6 and 57.6 to 59.1 respectively

Year of completion:  July 2022
 Advisor : C V Jawahar,Chetan Arora

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