Accepted papers

  • Multi-Task Learning via Scale Aware Feature Pyramid Networks and Effective Joint Head - Feng Ni and Yuehan Yao
  • Desoiling Dataset: Restoring Soiled Areas on Automotive Fisheye Cameras - Michal Uricar, Ganesh Sistu, Senthil Yogamani, Pavel Krizek, Jan Ulicny, Hazem Rashed, Antonin Vobecky and David Hurych
  • Motion Segmentation via Synchronization - Federica Arrigoni and Tomas Pajdla
  • Real-time vehicle localization using on-board visual SLAM for detection and tracking - Nabil Belbachir and Nadia Noori
  • On generalizing detection models for unconstrained environments - Prajjwal Bhargava
  • Large Scale Multi-Modal Data Capture, Evaluation and Maintenance Framework for Autonomous Driving Datasets - Nitheesh K L