Call For Papers

Papers are solicited on a wide variety of topics related to Autonomous Navigation with special focus on Unstructured Environment including:

  1. Algorithms and Approaches
    • Object detection, classification and pose estimation
    • Structure from motion, visual odometry and mapping
    • Multi-target tracking and modeling interactions
    • Semantic and instance segmentation
    • Road condition estimation
    • Traffic scene recognition
    • 3D road scene understanding
    • Monitoring driver behavior and understanding intent
    • Complex behavior prediction
    • Free space estimation and path planning
    • Domain adaptation and transfer learning
    • Low-shot or zero-shot learning
    • Reinforcement and inverse reinforcement learning
    • Generative models for scene understanding
  2. Applications of computer vision in unstructured driving conditions
    • Novel and Emerging Problems/Applications
    • Performance Analysis and Empirical Studies
    • Data Sets, Open source implementations
  3. Systems and Solutions
    • System description
    • Experience reports
    • Deployable products/projects

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline : August 15, 2019 (IST)
Paper Acceptance Deadline : August 20, 2019 (IST)
Camera Ready Deadline : August 30, 2019 (IST)

Submission Instructions

All submissions will be handled electronically via the CMT Website. Click the following link to go to the submission site:

Papers that are not properly anonymized, or do not use the template, or have more than eight pages (excluding references) will be rejected without review.

Instruction for Presentation

  • Instruction for spotlight presentation
    • The spotlight presentations are strictly limited to 5 mins.
    • You may use the following outline with one slide per item.
      1. Title
      2. Problem and Motivation
      3. Key idea of the solution
      4. Results
    • Please note that the goal of a spotlight presentation is not to ‘explain’ the paper, but to give a glimpse of the work and attract the audience to your poster.
    • A 16:9 aspect ratio for the slides will ensure better compatibility with the projector. Ensure the smallest font size used is at least 20pt.
    • Email the presentation in .pptx/pdf to. by Oct. 28th.
  • Instruction for poster presentation
    • For posters, please follow the instruction in the ICCV main Conference.