Our esteemed guests

Over the years CVIT has had the privilege of welcoming some of the renowned researchers from across the globe. They spent motivating days with us engaged in series of formal and informal interactions. There visits have had a visible impact on the research and the development of the lab as a whole.

List of Esteemed Guests

Visitor NameAffiliationDate of VisitTitle / Abstract
 Dr. Abhishek Tripathi  Xerox Research Centre India  02nd Nov, 2015  Multi-view Learning using Statistical Dependence
 Dr. Pawan Harish  EPFL, Switzerland  02nd Nov, 2015  Parallel Inverse Kinematics for Multi-Threaded Architectures
 Dr. Manohar Paluri  Georgia Institute of Technology, USA  30th Oct, 2015  Artificial Intelligence Research @ Facebook
 Prof. P.N. Rajesh Rao  University of Washington, USA  18th Aug, 2015  Brain-Computer Interfaces : Recent Advances and Future Applications
Dr. Vineet Gandhi INRIA, France 26th Feb, 2015 Towards Automatic Video Production of Staged Performances
Mr. Soumith Chintala Facebook AI Research Group, India 18th Feb, 2015 The current landscape of deep learning Trends and Challenges
Dr. Manik Varma Microsoft Research India, India 10th Feb, 2015 New Paradigm for Ranking and Recommendation
Dr. Manmohan Chandraker NEC Labs, USA 11th Dec, 2014 What Motion Reveals about Shape with Unkown Material Behaviour
Dr.B.S. Manjunath University of California 25th Sep, 2014 Scalable Scientific Image Informatics
Dr.M. Pawan Kumar Ecole Centrale Paris 27th Aug, 2014 Rounding-based Moves for Metric Labeling
Dr.Kaushik Mitra University of Maryland 24th Apr, 2014 Signal Processing Meets Optics : Theory, Design and Interference for Computational Imaging
Dr.Nikhil Rasiwasia Yahoo Labs, Bangalore 1st Apr, 2014 Cross-modal Retrieval: Retrieval Across Different Content Modalities
Dr.Srikumar Ramalingam University of California 10th Jan, 2014 Lifting 3D Manhattan Lines from Single Image
Prof. Steven Seitz University of Washington 27th Dec, 2013 A Trillion Photos
Prof. Venu Madhav Govindu IISc., Bangalore 15th Nov, 2013 Higher-Order Grouping on the Grassmann Manifold
Mr. Varun Jampani MPIIS-Tubingen 13th Nov, 2013 Inverting Computer Graphic Engines using Informed Samplers
Mr. K S Sesh Kumar INRIA 06th Aug, 2013 Convex relaxations for learning bounded treewidth decomposable graphs
Prof. R Manmatha University of Massachusetts 19th Jun, 2013 Briefly talk about my experience with doing a startup on instance matching in Computer Vision
Dr. Kiran Varanasi Max Plank Institut fur Informatik 26th Mar, 2013 Capture and Statistical Modeling of Human Performances
Dr. Avinash Sharma INRIA 23rd Feb, 2013 Representation, Segmentation and Matching of 3D Visual Shapes using Graph Laplacian and Heat-Hernel
Prof. Ramesh Raskar MIT 22nd Jan, 2013  
Dr. Vineeth Balasubramanian Arizona State University 2nd Jan, 2013 Machine Learning Methods towards Socio-Assistive Technologies for individuals with Visual Impairments
Mr. Omkar M Parkhi Oxford University 12th Dec, 2012 On-the-fly Specific Person Retrieval / Particular Guide to Classification
Dr. M Pawan Kumar Ecole Centrale Paris 21st Nov, 2012  
Dr. Santosh Kumar Divvala University of Washington 26th Sep, 2012 Context and Subcategories for Sliding Window Object Recognition
Dr. Naren Datha, Dr. B. Ashok MSR India 10th Sep, 2012 Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN)
Prof. Rama Chellappa University of Maryland 11th Sep, 2012 Dictionary Learning for Computer Vision
Prof. Michael Werman The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 28th Feb, 2012  
Dr. Niranjan Joshi Oxford University 07th Oct, 2011 Intgelligent Histograms
Prof. Baba C Vemuri University of Florida 04th Oct, 2011 Tracking on Matrix Manifolds
Dr. M. Pawan Kumar Standford University 04th Jan, 2010 Self-Paced Learning for Specific-Class Semantic Segmentation
Dr. Karteek Alahari INRIA 23rd Nov, 2010 Scene Understanding in an Energy Minimization Framework
Prof. Koichi Kise Osaka Prefecture University 19th Nov, 2010 Image Retrieval and Recognition with Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Dr. Kiran Varanasi INRIA 13th Oct, 2010 Spatio-temporal Modeling of Dynamic 3D Scenes
Prof. Jitendra Malik UC Berkeley 13th July, 2010 Detecting and Segmenting People in Images
Dr. Marcin Marszalek Oxford University 29th Mar, 2010 Past the Limits of Bag-of-features
Prof. Ram Nevatia University of Southern California 18th Feb, 2010 Human Activity Recognition at Mid and Near Range from a Single Video Stream
Shri. Krithika Venkataramani TCS Innovation Lab 29th Jul, 2008 Classifier set design for improved biometric authentication
Prof. Baba C Vemuri University of Florida 25th Jul, 2008  
Prof. Ravi Ramamoorthi Columbia University 15th Jul, 2008 Representations of Visual Appearance for Computer Graphics and Vision
Dr. Chandan K Reddy Wayne State University 19th May, 2008 Data Mining: Algorithms, Applications and Beyond
Dr. Vinay P Namboodiri Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 17th Apr, 2008 Use of diffusion in image restoration and depth estimationfrom defocused images
Prof. Shree Nayar Columbia University 03rd Feb, 2008  
Prof. Vijaya Natarajan IISc, Bangalore 12th Dec, 2007 Topologically Clean Distrance Fields
Mr. Sudipta Sinha University of North California 26th Apr, 2007 Silhouettes for Calibration and Reconstruction from Multiple Views
Mr. Prasad Ram Google 6th Apr, 2007  
Prof. J.K. Agarwal University of Texas 29th Mar, 2007 Recognition of Human Activity and Object Interactions
Prof. Steve Seitz University of Washington 15th Feb, 2007  
Prof. Andrew Zisserman Oxford University 28th Dec, 2006  
Prof. Manmatha University of Massachusets 18th Dec, 2006 Retrieving Handwritten Historical Manuscript Images : George Wachington's Manuscripts
Prof. Mark Nixon University of Southampton 25th Sep, 2006 Fusing Noncontact Biometrics: Face, Gait and Ear
Prof. Prashant Buyyala RThythm & Hues Studios 09th Mar, 2006  
Prof. PCP Bhat Philips 17th Feb, 2006  
Mr. Raja Koduri ATI Technologies 04th Nov, 2005  
Mr. Dasarath Gude ATI Technologies 04th Nov, 2005  
Mr. Dasarath Gude ATI Technologies 01st Sep, 2005  
Dr. Srinivas Gutta Center for Parallel and Distributed Computation    
Prof. Rama Chellappa University of Maryland    
Prof. Jitendra Malika University of California    
Prof. Shamuel Peleg The Hebrew University of Jerusalem    
Shri. P. Anandan Microsoft Research    
Prof. Michal Irani The Weizmann Institute of Science    
Prof. Takeo Kanade Carnegie Mellon University    
Prof. Andrew Blake Microsoft Research, Cambridge    
Prof. Harry Shum      
Prof. Bhagavathulu Vijaya Kumar Carnegie Mellon University    
Prof. Larry Davis Institute for Advanced Computer Studies    
Prof. Katsushi Ikeuchi University of Tokyo    
Prof. Kentaro Toyama Microsoft Research India