I chose the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) because I want to explore more Computer Vision-based applications and deep learning tools. Prof. Jawahar has achieved excellence through collaboration and teamwork at the Centre for Visual Information Technology (CVIT). Therefore, I  have joined him to gain more experience. Currently, I am exploring research problems related to audio-visual data using deep learning-based methods.

What is your motivation?

Achievements do not come overnight; persistence is key, and failure is inevitable, but innovation only emerges after many failed attempts. This postdoctoral program is an opportunity for me to develop my managerial skills, become a better multi-tasker, and collaborate locally and internationally.

How is the Lab @ CVIT?

The lab has a friendly environment and a positive atmosphere for collaboration and learning new tech stuff in a team. We meet Prof. Jawahar weekly or biweekly, based on the need. He guides and encourages me to multitask and take responsibility, allowing me to explore my potential and capabilities. He helped me plan and get accustomed to taking up responsibilities. The lab is so successful since dedicated staff and students handle every task efficiently at a granular level.

How do you like the campus and surroundings?

Campus life offers a unique opportunity for working. Thus, I rented a flat within the campus, which is very close to academic centers. I am blessed to have wonderful neighbors who make our stay homely. We celebrate festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries. We occasionally meet to chat and stand by each other. Greeneries surround the residential area, which is the reason for the warm weather during summer. Also, you may find jungles, animals, and birds
(peacocks, parrots, etc.) around the place. One may discover a playground, a basketball ground, and an open gym within the campus. My husband and I often take a walk around the campus in the late evenings and drop by the canteen. It is nice to see students celebrating birthdays and coming together for festivals.

Additionally, several programs are conducted for faculties, their families, students, and research scholars to maintain their livelihood. One may find several restaurants nearby. The architecture of the new Hyderabad is excellent. One major thing that I find fantastic is that the people of this city understand the effectiveness of plantations. It is very inspirational to see people with family, including kids, stay at the campus while pursuing their Ph.D. and balancing family and professional life.