The venues included both IIIT-H and the Indian School of Business (ISB) Campus. The Workshops and Tutorials were conducted at IIIT Hyderabad Campus on 04 December 2022 while the main conference was held on 05 - 07 December 2022 at the Khemka Auditorium of the ISB Hyderabad campus.
The program committee consisted of Professor Jawahar C.V.Professor Anoop Namboodiri and Professor Ravi Kiran S. of CVIT along with other professorsfrom universities across the globe. The keynote speakers included. The organizing team from CVIT worked selflessly to execute the conference precisely. Varun Bhargavan created the registration portal and assured error free functioning and Ram Sharma managed the payment and registration portal as well as any technical issues. Cecilia Antony communicated to provide information and coordinated with the speakers. Bhargavi Salemeda took care of registrations and queries from participants. Siddhartha was in charge of the helpdesk for transportation, which was arranged for the participants to travel to and from the ISB campus daily as well as for sightseeing purposes. SK Silar was the main coordinator and Aradhana Vinod was the supporting coordinator; both assured flawless execution and remarkable coordination of the entire team.
Two workshops on Document Analysis Tools (OCR) and Deep Documents took place at IIIT. All the speakers, except for one, were online speakers. Both national and international professors and researchers served as session chairs, some of whom traveled from around the world upon request by Professor Jawahar of CVIT. The participants enjoyed attending in person. The IIIT Mess Office provided the food, both veg and non-veg, which was highly commented on by the attendees. The conference commenced on December 4 at IIIT-H with a welcome reception for the attendees with live food counters. The main conference was held on December 5,6 and 7 at the ISB campus, which is within walking distance of IIIT-H.
Registration time was from 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m., followed by the conference from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A kit was given to the guests during registration. The session chairs, consisting of Professors, were given a travel mug with the ICFHR logo as a souvenir after the session concluded. The Keynote speakers were given specially picked handicrafts as a token of appreciation for their presence. A cultural program was arranged for the guests on the 6th, which
amplified the event. The foreign attendees were able to experience ethnic food and witness the diverse art forms of our country. Arrangements to go sightseeing were also done, for those who were interested. The four-day-long conference concluded on a positive note, leaving the participants with new experiences and memories. “Events are always a celebration at CVIT”, said Aradhana Vinod.