Dr. Pramod was excited to be back on campus after many years, and overwhelmed at the changes in the campus, city, professors, and meeting the bright students.

He started with a brief introduction of the various roles he had taken up during the years after completing his PhD at CVIT. He also talked about his experience at the lab and how things were during his study on campus. He pointed out how his mentor Prof. Jawahar encouraged them to bring out the best in what they learned or presented at the conference.

The students then presented their research works at CVIT. He then also had a detailed discussion with all of them. Finally, he was very thrilled to be presented with the IIIT hoodie.

For the students it was a learning experience meeting the Alumni, who also presented his first CVPR from CVIT was motivating. They got to understand the various challenges that he had to overcome to get the paper accepted and presenting the same was motivating. Furthermore, seeing his interest in the work that people are currently doing at CVIT was inspiring. He not only was aware of most of the recent topics but also was highly interested in the ones from different areas of research. 

To know more details, we also have a video available for you in detail of his visit and advice for students as they prepare for higher studies or work abroad.