Exemplar based approaches on Face Fiducial Detection and Frontalization

Mallikarjun BR


Computer vision solutions such as face detection and recognition, facial reenactment, facial expression analysis and gender detection have seen fruitful applications in various domains such as security, surveillance, social media and animation. Many of the above solutions have common pre-processing steps such as fiducial detection, appearance modeling, face structural modelings etc. These steps can be considered as fundamental problems to be solved in building any computer vision solutions concerning face images. In this thesis, we propose exemplar based approaches to solve two fundamental problems, such as face fiducial detection and face frontalization. Exemplar based approaches have been proved to work in various computer vision problems, such as object detection, image impainting, object removal, action recognition, gesture recognition. This approach directly utilizes the information residing in the examples to achieve a certain objective, instead of coming up with a model representing all the examples and has shown to be effective. Face fiducial detection involves detecting key points on the faces such as eye corner, nose tip, mouth tips etc. It is one of the main pre-processing step done for face recognition, facial animation, gender detection, gaze identification and expression recognition systems. Number of different approaches like active shape models, regression based methods, cascaded neural networks, tree based methods and exemplar based approaches have been proposed in the recent past. Many of these algorithms only address part of the problems in this area. We propose an exemplar based approach which takes advantage of the complimentarity of different approaches and obtain consistently superior performance over the state-of-the-art methods. We provide extensive experiments over three popular datasets. Face frontalization is the process of synthesizing frontal view of the face given a non-frontal view. Method proposed for frontalization can be used in intelligent photo editing tools and also aids in improving the accuracy of face recognition systems. Methods previously proposed involve estimating the 3D model or assuming a generic 3D model of the face. Estimating an accurate 3D model of the face is not a completely solved problem and assumption of generic 3D model of the face results in loss of crucial shape cues. We propose an exemplar based approach which does not require 3D model of the face. We show that our method is efficient and performs consistently better than other approaches.


Year of completion:  May 2017
 Advisor : C V Jawahar

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  • Mallikarjun B R, Visesh Chari, C. V. Jawahar , Akshay Asthana - Face Fiducial Detection by Consensus of Exemplars Proceedings of the IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision(WACV), 2016. [PDF]

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