Reaching CVIT

 Once you enter through the Main Gate:

    • Proceed to the circle ahead of you inside the main gate, You can park your vehicle in the space to your left( visitor parking ).
    • Come straight towards director office ( Vindhya A2 ) and take right.
    • Pass the barricade and walk straight.
    • Towards your left enter in to KRB ( Kohil Research Block ) Building.
    • Once you enter in to the building :
      • By Stairs : You have to come to Second floor.
      • By Lift : Lift is located towards left corner of ground floor. After entering in to lift press third floor button to reach CVIT floor.
List of Rooms:
F14: Dr. C. V. Jawahar         F21: Dr. Praveen Paruchuri         F26: Dr. Anoop M. Namboodiri
F15: Interaction Room         F22: Guest Room         F28: Dr. P. J. Narayanan
F16: Dr. Girish | Dr. Ajoy         F23: Dr. Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla         F29: Dr. Jayanthi Sivaswamy
F19: Dr. Sujit Gujar         F24: Dr. Vineet Gandhi         Conference Hall
F20: Dr. Naresh Manwani         F25: Dr. Avinash Sharma         Conference Room