cartoonProPageThe IIIT-CFW dataset

People Involved : Ashutosh Mishra, Shyam Nandan Rai, Anand Mishra, C. V. Jawahar

The IIIT-CFW is database for the cartoon faces in the wild. It is harvested from Google image search. Query words such as Obama + cartoon, Modi + cartoon, and so on were used to collect cartoon images of 100 public figures. The dataset contains 8928 annotated cartoon faces of famous personalities of the world with varying profession. Additionally, we also provide 1000 real faces of the public figure to study cross modal retrieval tasks, such as, Photo2Cartoon retrieval. The IIIT-CFW can be used for the study spectrum of problems as discussed in our ECCVW paper.


SceneTextUnderstanding Scene Text Understanding

People Involved :Udit Roy, Anand Mishra, Karteek Alahari and C.V. Jawahar

Scene text recognition has gained significant attention from the computer vision community in recent years. Often images contain text which gives rich and useful information about their content. Recognizing such text is a challenging problem, even more so than the recognition of scanned documents. Scene text exhibits a large variability in appearances, and can prove to be challenging even for the state-of-the-art OCR methods. Many scene understanding methods recognize objects and regions like roads, trees, sky etc in the image successfully, but tend to ignore the text on the sign board. Our goal is to fill this gap in understanding the scene.