• documentRetrieval Retrieval of Document Images

    People Involved : Million Meshesha, Balasubramanian Anand, Pramod Sankar K, Anand Kumar

    Our approach towards retrieval of document images, avoids explicit recognition of the text. Instead, we perform word matching in the image space. Given a query word, we generate its corresponding word image, and compare it against the words in the documents.



  • videoprocessing Retrieval from Video Databases

    People Involved :Tarun Jain, Anurag Singh Rana, Balakrishna C., Pramod Sankar K., Saurabh Pandey, Balamanohar P., Natraj J.

    Digital Libraries of broadcast videos could be easily built with existing technology. The storage, archival, search and retrieval of broadcast videos provide a large number of challenges for the research community. We address these challenges in different novel directions.



  • figureFine-Grain Annotation of Cricket Videos

    People Involved : Rahul Anand Sharma, Pramod Sankar K, C. V. Jawahar