City-scale Road Audit using Deep Learning


Road networks in cities are massive and is a critical component of mobility. Fast response to defects, that can occur not only due to regular wear and tear but also because of extreme events like storms, is essential. Hence there is a need for an automated system that is quick, scalable and cost- effective for gathering information about defects. We propose a system for city-scale road audit, using some of the most recent developments in deep learning and semantic segmentation. For building and benchmarking the system, we curated a dataset which has annotations required for road defects. However, many of the labels required for road audit have high ambiguity which we overcome by proposing a label hierarchy. We also propose a multi-step deep learning model that segments the road, subdivide the road further into defects, tags the frame for each defect and finally localizes the defects on a map gathered using GPS. We analyze and evaluate the models on image tagging as well as segmentation at different levels of the label hierarchy.


Related Publicationstract

  • Sudhir Yarram, Girish Varma and C.V. Jawahar City-Scale Road Audit System using Deep Learning,International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems Madrid, Spain, 2018 [pdf]


City-scale Road Audit using Deep Learning code available here [Code]


City-scale Road Audit using Deep Learning dataset available here [Dataset]