DGTk: A Data Generation Tool for CV and IBR

V. Vamsi Krishna

Computer Vision (CV) and Image Based Rendering (IBR) are the fields which have emerged in search of a means to make the computers understand the images like humans and the never ending pursuit of the Computer Graphics community to achieve photo realistic rendering. Though each of these fields deal with a completely different problems, both CV and IBR algorithms require high quality ground-truth information about the scenes they are applied on. Traditionally research groups have spent large amounts of resources on creating data using high-resolution equipment for qualitative analysis of CV and IBR algorithms. Such high quality data provided a platform for comparison of CV and IBR algorithms. Though these datasets have enabled comparison of algorithms, during the past decade, the development in the fields of CV and IBR have outpaced the ability of such standard datasets to differentiate among the best performing algorithms. All the resources invested for generating these datasets become wasted. To overcome this problem, researchers have resorted to creating synthetic datasets by extending existing 3D authoring tools, developing stand alone tools for generating synthetic data and developing novel methods of data acquisition for acquiring high quality real world data. The disadvantage of acquiring data using high resolution equipment include (1) Time required for setting up the configuration of equipment, (2) Errors in measuring devices due to physical limitations, (3) Repeatability of experiments due to un-controllable parameters like wind, fog, rain etc. Synthetic data is preferred for the early testing of algorithms, since they make qualitative and quantitative analysis possible. The performance of an algorithm on synthetic data generally provides a good indication of it's performance on the real world data.. (more...)


Year of completion:  2006
 Advisor : P. J. Narayanan

Related Publications

  • Vamsikrishna and P.J. Narayanan - Data Generation Toolkit for Image Based Rendering Algorithms , The 3rd International Conference on Visual Information Engineering 26-28 September 2006 in Bangalore, India. [PDF]