Although Vinitha initially applied for M. Tech., the professors proposed she take up MS Research in Error Detection & Correction - a choice she would later be grateful for. Vinitha, wanting to explore and learn new things, entered the Research world with an open mind and soon she became part of the Indic Language Project. Pursuing research at CVIT under the guidance of Professor Jawahar was a decision that helped transform her into a stronger and more disciplined person.


It was not only research skills that Vinitha obtained from CVIT and Prof. Jawahar, but more importantly, life skills that helped sharpen her character. With the very tough and challenging experiences that come along with research, networking is the key to overcoming difficulties and facing stress. Open communication with professors, mentors, fellow students and students from other labs aided in acquiring more knowledge than anticipated. Whether interacting with mentors and students from the same or a different lab, there is always something valuable to learn.

Vinitha took up an internship at Mediawiki as part of the Outreachy program after graduating from CVIT, soon relocating to Germany. After completing the internship program, she worked at Stepstone in Germany as a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer building a Recommender System. Currently settled in Berlin, Vinitha chose to take a break from professional life to accommodate family life, but her ambitious self could not sit idle. She used her time at hand initially helping some friends improve their English language skills. Later, this led to teaching ‘English’ to the Malayalam-speaking community through a YouTube channel. The perseverance, attention to detail, creativity and other skills Vinitha obtained from CVIT have been assets to this new venture. With over 795K subscribers to her YouTube channel, EasyEnglishwithVini, her aspirations have become proactive. She also hopes to return to Machine Learning in a few years.

Being part of CVIT has helped her optimize her work and pursue life. Prof. Jawahar has been an inspiration to her. When asked about her experience at CVIT, Vinitha shared, “Coming from a small town, I feel so honored to have done research at IIIT under the guidance of Jawahar Sir. He always says, ‘The smallest things make the biggest difference.’ He prepares you for the worst scenario in research and life, and I’m truly humbled by the respect I get from others when I tell them that I did research under Prof. Jawahar. Collaborating with students from CVIT and other labs was also great. My fellow students were extremely helpful; they even put aside their work and helped me with mine. Whether seniors or juniors, they were all cooperative and nice to me. I remember all these people with so much warmth in my heart and the experiences from CVIT last a lifetime.”