Doctor Avinash Sharma is an assistant professor at CVIT Hyderabad since May 2015. He graduated with MS in Research in Computer Vision from IIIT-H and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from INP Grenoble and INRIA Rhone-Alpes. Here at CVIT, he leads a group of students whose research is inclined toward 3D computer vision.



In conversation with Astitva Srivastava.

On the farewell day, Prof. Avinash summarized his experience teaching at CVIT: He shared a few words about his experience with the students and praised the research environment that IIIT provides by indulging undergrads in research. He also appreciated all the support IIIT-H has provided in terms of a competent environment and resources required for conducting research in 3D Vision.

He recalled his stories when he was doing his Masters at CVIT and how they nurtured him to be the person he is now. He gave beautiful insights into why publishing research papers is harder now and why useful research should be difficult. He also reflected on the importance of defined goals in one’s life and why taking risks for them is worth it. He motivated students to work on what they love rather than what they can do.

Few of his contributions toward 3D computer vision:

He has made significant contributions in the field of 3D vision, specifically in the area of 3D human body reconstruction. His research focus is on reconstructing loose clothing, which has played a pivotal role in modelling clothing styles centric to Indian ethnicity, e.g. sarees, lungi, and kurta.

He is also responsible for establishing the 3D capture system at CVIT, resulting in datasets such as 3DHumans and 4DHumans with high academic value. His team has published several papers on 3D human and garment modelling for the application of 3D virtual try-on. More details can be found here:

The collage and 3D model were gifted to Dr.Avinash.