organized by Suganth Rakha, took place at the Vancouver Convention Center, Canada. After the morning poster session on Tuesday, June 20th the members gathered for lunch in the conference ballroom. Along with Professor, Dr. P.J. Narayanan, students Rahul Goel, Dhruv Srivastava, and Rohith Agaram from the Centre for Visual Information Technology, IIIT-H attended the conference.


“I had to be there for 2 hours for my poster presentation and Prof. P.J. Narayanan presented alongside me the entire time. I finally met my seniors who were here many years ago, whom I have heard about from others. I even met Ishan Mishra and I’m using his work so we had a nice discussion on that. I believe talking to people and discussing our work established a long-term connection and it will be useful later on. It was a great experience traveling to Canada, presenting my poster and interacting with the alumni” said Rahul Goel.


“Our alumni network is very strong and many of our alumni were there. It was exciting interacting with people we’ve heard about and learning about their experiences. It’s inspiring to know that many of our alumni are pursuing Ph.D., working in well-reputed companies or academia. It’s great to learn about the different opportunities that await us after completing our degree here at CVIT. We even got a clearer picture of what people are doing in the field post-education.” said Dhruv Srivastava.