Currency Recognition on Mobile Phones



In this paper, we present an application for recognizing currency bills using computer vision techniques, that can run on a low-end smartphone. The application runs on the device without the need for any remote server. It is intended for robust, practical use by the visually impaired. Though we use the paper bills of Indian National Rupee as a working example, our method is generic and scalable to multiple domains including those beyond the currency bills. Our solution uses a visual Bag of Words (BoW) based method for recognition. To enable robust recognition in a cluttered environment, we first segment the bill from the background using an algorithm based on iterative graph cuts. We formulate the recognition problem as an instance retrieval task. This is an example of fine-grained instance retrieval that can run on mobile devices. We evaluate the performance on a set of images captured in diverse natural environments, and report an accuracy of 96.7% on 2584 images.

Downloads and links

Using the App :

  1. Install the app using APK
  2. On first use, wait for sometime while the app copies files.



  • Suriya Singh, Shushman Choudhury, Kumar Vishal and C.V. Jawahar - Currency Recognition on Mobile Phones Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 24-28 Aug 2014, Stockholm, Sweden. [PDF]