Fine-Tuning Human Pose Estimation in Videos

Digvijay Singh     Vineeth Balasubramanian     C. V. Jawahar


fine tuning dg page 001We propose a semi-supervised self-training method for fine-tuning human pose estimations in videos that provides accurate estimations even for complex sequences. We surpass state-of-the-art on most of the datasets used and also show a gain over the baseline on our new dataset of unrestricted sports videos. The self-training model presented has two components: a static Pictorial Structure based model and a dynamic ensemble of exemplars. We present a pose quality criteria that is primarily used for batch selection and automatic parameter selection. The same criteria works as a low-level pose evaluator used in post-processing. We set a new challenge by introducing a full human body-parts annotated complex dataset, CVIT-SPORTS, which contains complex videos from the sports domain. The strength of our method is demonstrated by adapting to videos of complex activities such as cricket-bowling, cricket-batting, football as well as available standard datasets.

Here we release our implementation of [1] for MATLAB software. To read more about the method, check the pdf on the left.



FilenameDescription Size
fine_tuning_pose.tar.gz Matlab code for fine-tuning human pose estimation in videos. 94 MB
README Description on running the code and other info. 4.0 KB
cvit_sports_videos.tar.gz CVIT-SPORTS-Videos dataset of 11 video sequences from cricket domain. 66 MB


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