Image Reconstruction

Improving resolution of tomographic images has been an active area of research in the past few years. This is of special interest in nuclear imaging where the image resolution is limited by the permissible dosage. Super resolution (SR) techniques based on combination of a set of low resolution images with spatial shifts have been examined for PET and CT images.

Our research is focused on obtaining high quality upsampled tomographic images. The technique we have developed for upsampling uses samples drawn from union of rotated lattices. Both hexagonal and square lattices have been studied. Such a technique has the benefit that the number of images required for deriving the synthetically zoomed output is minimal.

U12 1


hoffman H12 4 compliment hoffman H12 4 spectrum
  Reconstructed (upscaled by a factor of 4) RoI on union of rotated hexagonal lattice and its spectrum


hoffman struct SR4 compliment  hoffman SR 4 spectrum 
Reconstructed (upscaled by a factor of 4) RoI on union of shifted square lattice and its spectrum


People Involve

  • Neha
  • Kartheek