Terrain Data Set


This is a complex scene with around twelve objects. It has a base terrain object, many trees and grass objects. These objects are ac3d objects which have been imported into the tool and placed to a complex scene. This scene is a dynamic scene unlike the other two data sets which are static. This is a data set which is ideal for testing motion tracking algorithms.

Terrain Data

TerrainDataThis data set includes the following ::

  • Images of the scene in Images directory.
  • Depth-maps of the scene in DepthMaps directory.
  • Alpha-maps of the scene in AlphaMaps directory.
  • Object-maps of the scene in ObjMaps directory.
  • Scene file used for creating this data BoxTrees.scene.
  • Models used in the scene models directory.
  • Each directory in this data set consists of various frames in the scene.