Visual Aesthetic Analysis for Handwritten Document Images


We  present  an  approach  for  analyzing  the  visual aesthetic  property  of  a  handwritten  document  page  which matches  with  human  perception.  We  formulate  the  problem at two independent levels: (i) coarse level which deals with the overall layout, space usages between lines, words and margins, and (ii) fine level, which analyses the construction of each word and  deals  with  the  aesthetic  properties  of  writing  styles.  We present our observations on multiple local and global features which can extract the aesthetic cues present in the handwritten documents.

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Major Contributions

  • A novel approach for determining the aesthetic value of Handwritten Document Images.
  • Identified relevant features helpful in quantifying the human notion for aesthetics of handwriting.
  • Dataset of 275 pages of handwritten document images along with their neatness annotations.


Qualitative Results


Qualitative analysis of the proposed method in predicting the aesthetic measure of the document. (a) The top scoring document images, having properly aligned and beautiful handwritten text. (b) The lowest scoring document images where one can observe inconsistent word spacing, skew and highly irregular word formation. (c) Sample pairs of word images from the human verification experiment where the words in the first column are predicted better than the words in the second column whereas the third column denotes whether the prediction agrees with human judgment.

Related Publications


  • Anshuman Majumdar, Praveen Krishnan and C.V. Jawahar - Visual Aesthetic Analysis for Handwritten Document Images,15th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition, Shenzhen, China (ICFHR), 2016. [PDF]


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Associated People

  • Anshuman Majumdar
  • Praveen Krishnan
  • C.V. Jawahar