DGTk Project Page


DGTk is a unique tool which provides the UI of a standard 3D authoring tool and at the same time enables the users to generate various representations like depth-maps, alpha-maps, object-maps, etc which are very precious for the CV and IBR researchers. Two years in the making, this tool has evolved from a simple command line based tool to a fully 3D visualization and rendering software. The user can with ease create dynamic scenes with complex animations. The major goal in development of this tool was to reduce the time spent by researchers in creating or finding data sets for testing their algorithms. Another major goal was to make sharing of data as easy as possible. We have developed a new high level scene representation format which enables users to exchange the data generation medium rather than the data itself.


The idea behind creating this tool was to provide the CV and IBR research community with a tool which would provide a standard method for creating test data. This tool is hence provided for the community under GPL along with some of the data sets generated.

  • Download source code of DGTk [Click]. Contains::
    • Source files (.cpp and .h)
    • ReadMe.txt (a brief description about our tool).
    • INSTALL (process of getting started with the tool).
  • User manual for DGTk [Click].
  • Download the manual for the scene file description [Click].

Example Data Sets

 BoxTrees ComicScene   TerrainData


Associated People

  • V. Vamsi Krishna
  • Prof. P. J. Narayanan